Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

Best Practice does not arrive in a ERP- or planning solution or by increasing FTE. Human estimates are typically fraught and statistical understanding is hard to find. Inaccurate forecast cost business millions of losses in revenue and huge investments in systems and staff leave only minimal results, at best.

Applying modern cloud based solutions to your existing ERP solutions digitalizes your statistical forecast. It saves time and instills trust and consistency in the statistical forecast allowing your team to focus on the value-added processes during your S&OP.

Attaining 6% in better forecast accuracy allows for a 10-15% improved stock management. A trustworthy forecast improves overall logistical service levels and also solidifies the S&OP process by bringing the statistical forecast into Best Practice territory.

Best Practice Territory

The foundation of any Best Practice S&OP starts with the Demand Planning processes that creates the statistical forecast based on historical sales data. Acquiring a set of data that is cleaned and then properly segmented according to data patterns is a process that now can be outsourced to sophubs intelligent engine. A process that typically takes days and sometimes even weeks of planning – sophub handles within hours. The data is acquired directly from the existing ERP system, is cleaned, segmented, analyzed and delivered directly back into your Demand planners work station delivering a statistical forecast that typically improves accuracy by 15-43% compared to existing ERP tools. We monitor accuracy of critical KPI’s such as effects of the manual change, forecast accuracy and deliver reports that enhance your overall S&OP Best Practice journey.

sophub Supports Your Industry


sophub minimizes typical OOS challenges and handles promotions, POS-data, consumer trends and delivering the statistical forecast in daily buckets.


Forecast challenges due to patent- and product lifecycle is tackled by sophub along with the complexity of various sales channels and price sensitivity.


Promotional effects is one of sophub’s specialities along with consumer trends, seasonality and product segmentation driving different forecast levels.


Manufacturing is characterized by a broad spectrum of forecast challenges spanning from sporadic demands to use of leading indicators.

Want to Digitalize?

sophub connects your business to Industry 4.0 and transforms digitization to real value.