Forecast Experts

sophub digitalization involves in excess of 380.000 algorithms in cleaning, segmenting and analyzing historical sales data in order to produce a statistical baseline.

sophub combines innovative prediction technology, self-learning pattern recognition and state-of-the-art models like exponential smoothing, regression, ARIMA and bootstrapping. sophub cleanses data before our algorithms choose the best statistical model for your forecast analysis.

sophubs community based intelligence approach, allows for applying a deep level of data intelligence and identifying patterns that an isolated business forecast analysis never would achieve. The integrity of the data is secure, while taught patterns are exhumed and exploited for the benefit of all sophub clients.

sophub is also capable of segmenting the forecast to give an expected idea of the quality of the forecast. This allows for confidence building regarding which SKUs to trust and which ones need more market data. Cross-diemsional intelligence allow for micro and macro level analytics.