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sophub business planning

sophub planning

We master demand forecasting, effective promotions and price setting, inventory optimization, effecient supply and financial planning. You get the sophub team, the sophub application and the sophub concepts in ONE simple solution.

sophub planning

Our track record

favorite Increase sales by 11%

favorite Reduce inventories by 25%

favorite Profit increase by 12%

 ...we are driven by results!

The sophub Application

Our core competences are in sales and supply planning. We built not only the smart technology but also the method and process to release the full potentials of your supply chain. Using our managed service we blend our people into your organization to mature your business to world class.

sophub enterprise software

With our methods, people and technology we anchor your market insight, data and knowledge into an accurate forecast, optimized inventories and efficient supply. On top you get sophub accelerators, process support, people training and sophub experts to ensure progress and results. In other words you do not need to know about statistical models, machine learning, big data, inventory optimization and complex software to leverage and get all benefits from digitizing your supply chain.

25% of the largest Danish companies use ...

      ...“sophub as a demand and supply planner in the cloud”


"sophub handles 80% of our forecast with a forecast accuracy of 80%.

It release time, ressources for the last 20% and improve our inventories and profit"

Royal Unibrew

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sophub is not an IT project ...
 we create bottom line value by People, Process & Technology combined
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