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  • Product Lifecycle management
  • Demand planning
  • Promotion and Price planning
  • Supply planning
  • Financial planning
  • Sales & Operation planning
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  • PLM: Plan products and customers
  • Sales: Plan sales and deals
  • Trade: Plan promotions and prices
  • Supply: Plan production/purchase with smooth transition to operation
  • S&OP: Cross functional planning
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  • Get started with planning
  • Drive transformation
  • People training
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sophub Managed service

sophub takes a leading role in your supply chain process, where we enable a fact based decision support to improve all your supply chain and financial KPIs. We are specialized in demand and supply planning where our technology, methods and people will kick start your journey for improvements. In demand planning we typically take 80-90% of the product port folio and let your organization spend time on the rest where we know you can enrich with vital information. We will tell you exactly which to look at.

The sophub technology and the Nordic sophub team will automate the baseline forecast, promotion forecasting, cleansing and inventory optimization. We have integrated people, methods and technology into an unique service which can improve KPIs like forecast accuracy with 15-25% in average and reduce safety stock with 25-50% compared to before we enter. As a bonus your people will get time released because sophub takes 80-90% of the tasks.

Data Analytic Service The sophub self-learning algorithms collect data, and segment them into actions and insight. The actions can be NPI products not performing as expected or baseline overwrites that is out of sync with reality. Action are exception based, meaning you can rely on sophub to find the spots for attention and trust the rest are in good hands by sophub. The actions are prioritized base on what matters most in a business value context. In the data analytic service the sophub team can use our technology to extract data insight for special analysis and newsletters. These services will inject motivation and new understandings in your organization, customer and markets, and improve the transparency and the planning process significiantly.

sophub Application

No matter if you already have an enterprise planning system or are looking for a new one you can utilize the sophub services. The sophub plugins integrate your existing planning system to our services. For the most common systems our plugin will enable integration within an hour. We even add new features to your existing tool where it lacks basic functionality. Do you not have a planning system today you can use sophub enterprise planning software. The sophub enterprise planning software is pluged into Microsoft Powerbi, and deliver a simple yet full-size supply chain planning application with demand, supply, S&OP and financial planning. Normally Powerbi has no write-back options, but in the sophub setup you will be able to write-back to the data source to change forecast, promotion etc.

Hosting & Innovation service sophub is pushing the limits when it comes to research, technology and methods. Our innovations and solutions are adaptable to multiple industries where supply chain excellence is essential. We have industry specific features which can be adapted separately to your launch package. For example did we have covid handling solution right after covid started. Technology wise we are ahead of the curve, because we do not only deliver technology but are part of your process that needs quick fixes. sophub tape directly into the science libraries and make a commcercial adaptable version. We use the newest technology for hosting and newest innovation to deliver solutions on the border of what is possible.

sophub Consulting

Our consultants can help you improve your planning and operation no matter if you are new to planning or you have a mature planning process. Our consultants have hands-on experience from multiple industries and businesses. They can help to get from day-to-day "fire-fighting" to having an operation in control. We provide hotspot consulting with fast actionable outcome to mature your planning processes. We can also be the "birth assistant" for businesses not familar with planning to get fast benefits in your day-to-day operation.

sophub supports your process

The foundation of any Best Practice S&OP starts with the Demand Planning processes handling the product port folio (NPI/EOL). Data is extracted from the ERP, APS or promotion tool and injected to the sophub engine. The sophub engine cleanse and segment data according to data patterns in sales, promotion, big data, and any data collected in previous submissions provided by people in your organisation. The artifical intelligent component of sophub filter, classify and analyze the data to create the best statistical forecast a machine can generate. The algoritmns are research based and proven on your own data. The sophub engine typically improves accuracy by 15-50% compared to existing ERP tools. sophub statistical experts review the forecast before releasing the forecast. The statistical forecast is provided together with data insight found during analysis and customizable action list.

By following the sophub process only a fraction of items have to be reviewed, so people instead can focus on the value added market insight. We monitor accuracy of critical KPI’s such as effects of the manual change, forecast accuracy and deliver dashboard reports that enhance your overall S&OP Best Practice journey.

The people in your organization use sophub either in existing ERP, BI or APS systems or within microsoft Excel. It reduce the learning curve and make transition easy. sophub plugin are available for the major vendor solutions. The data will float seamless between sophub and existing system. People will just get a handfuld of new features missing in your current tool.

sophub Supports Your Industry


sophub minimizes typical OOS challenges and handles promotions, POS-data, consumer trends and delivering the statistical forecast in daily buckets.


Forecast challenges due to patent- and product lifecycle is tackled by sophub along with the complexity of various sales channels and price sensitivity.


Promotional effects is one of sophub’s specialities along with consumer trends, seasonality and product segmentation driving different forecast levels.


Manufacturing is characterized by a broad spectrum of forecast challenges spanning from sporadic demands to use of leading indicators.