Actions & Insights

Besides delivering a high quality statistical forecast and optimized inventory, sophub provides segmentation to identify the vital few, actions to help you improve and data insight to get ahead of the curve.

Segmentation into vital few and trivial many is import to keep attention to improve your service levels and your profit. The "trivial many" normally counts for 80-90% of the business and can be driven by automation. While the vital few are the ones to keep an eye on to improve. The sophub segmentation is a proven concept to derive an action oriented way of working to automate as much as possible and use people resources where it matters.

Actions are delivered as an integrated part of our service. Actions are prioritized tasks allowing you focus on the areas delivering most business value. Actions are identified by the sophub algorithms and the sophub team to set attentions to changes in your customer demand pattern, market trends and promotion activities. You will become proactive and get ahead of the curve.

So, instead of having to walk through all of your data, sophub utilizes it’s intelligent engine to highlight where your attention is best used. The list is presented and handled directly in your existing ERP- or planning system.

Data Insights are important data-trends translated into valuable business observations. An Insight could be that sophub has identified a pattern in the customers behaviour, indicating that they are leaving. Or that campaigns for a specific product are over-estimated.

The data insight will be published in the newsletter and linked to specific action tasks to drive attention to potential improvements.

KPI Reports

The Forecast Performance Report delivers a set of performance indicators comparing forecast vs. actual sales for selected periods. It is a factual presentation of performance between the statistical and final forecast. It also allows tracking of systematic under- or over forecasting, so-called forecast bias.

The Forecast Value Report tracks all impact manual interaction has on the final forecast. It highlights where the manual input has had either a positive or negative value allowing direct feedback on human behaviour in the forecast process.

The Inventory Potential Report can be delivered when I-CAST is activated. It allows for an illustration of the potential inventory saving based on the final forecast performance along with other parameters controlling the inventory. The numbers can be presented in hard currency.