You know the problem with forecast ?

“I have never worked with a company that could not improve its forecasting through better use of statistics. Inherent in the DNA of the firm, there are “experts” that believe that they know the business better than any statistical package ever can. Given that a forecast is always wrong, and the forecasting process is fraught with political issues, companies struggle with how to use and gain acceptance for statistical forecasting.”Lora Cecere, The Supply Chain Shaman’s Journal

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sophub delivers a stable and trustworthy statistical baseline forecast that reduces forecast errors and prevents unnecessary loss of revenue.

Sales forecasts serve as input for more than 20 other planning processes, such as the S&OP plan and the financial plan.

We have developed a tool that extracts, cleans, segments and analyses historical salesdata and provides a highly stable statistical baseline forecast that typically improves accuracy 15-43% compared to existing tools on the market.

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